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Rare Song 865


rAmanin nAyagi kambanin kAviyam

Movie: engaL thAi
Music: MSV

A very nice TMS-PS duet.

Saravanan writes about the movie, engaL thAi...

'engaL thaai (1973/ Malliam Productions) was written and directed by Malliam Rajagopal. Savitri played the title role of the mother who struggles to bring up the children, and then they turn out to be ungrateful or something like that. I saw it long back, vaguely remember Major playing her husband. AVM Rajan was the hero, playing one of her sons. V.Gopalakrishnan played another son. I think another son was some small time actor who later showed up in Doordarshan dramas. I remember CID Sakunthala also being in the cast.

There are 4 songs from the movie: Two duets stand out- 'ramanin nayagi' (TMS/PS) and 'un kaathai kodu, oru sEthi solla' (Rajesh/SJ). MSV singing Bharathiar's 'thondRu nigazhnthathu anaithum' is a great song as well. Another song is LRE's 'ada veLuthu kattu machaan'