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Rare Song 2

naan paadum paattilE
vaan meenum thoongumE
adhu En kaNNE
nAn thAyandrO
aareerarO aarArirO

from the movie, Bhavani. MD: MSV.
It is a rare and beautiful thAlAttu song!

In the movie, the background of the song is as follows:
Ashokan-Vijayakumari and Nagesh-Manorama are two couples who are neighbours. Both couples have a small baby each. Manorama leaves Nagesh because they have a fight. Nagesh finds it impossible to stop his baby's crying and, while he wonders what to do, this song starts as Vijayakumari sings this lullaby to her own baby. By the end of the song, both babies (as well as Nagesh) have all gone to deep sleep. P Suseela appadip paadinaal vaan meen mattumdhaan thoongumaa enna?

What a wonderful song!

The movie also has another great song, 'indha nilavai naan paarththaal'.. where PS puts her stamp wonderfully!

It is a great tune by MSV. But, it is the singing by PS that raises the song! The background of the song goes like this. Asokhan and Jai are brothers, Vijayakumari and L Vijayalakshmi are sisters. Asokhan, Vijayakumari are married. But Asokhan is a playboy and goes around ill treating Vijayakumari and also starts loving another girl (Vanisree, who doesn't know that he is married already). In this background Jai and L Vijayalakshmi get married and the song starts off as their first-night song. See how beautifully PS starts off the song. Note how attractively she sings the first charanam...

kAlaiyil vetkam, mAlaiyil pakkam
nALaiyinnum vENdumendru thEdidum uLLam
kungumappottu, nenjinil pattu
kOdi inbam thEdi vandhu bhAvanai seyyum

TMS's voice is for Jai. Then the scene immediatelyshifts to the beach where Asokhan (PBS) is having a jolly time with Vanisree (LRE). Then the scene shifts to Vijayakumari who is all in sadness; PS sings this last part of the song with great emotion...

oorellAm sirikkum Osai, uRangAdha kaNgaL ingE
nALellAm thanimai ingE, nAn thEdum vAzhkkai engE


It is MSV's genius to put three different charanams for the three continuous scenes, all woven around with the same pallavi. PS's singing elevates the song to heights! TMS, PBS and LRE are quite ordinary in this song.

Enjoy the song!

Hearing this song after many a moon- what enchantment! The song brings out so fetchingly the plethora of varied emotions that the sight of the same moon brings out in different people.

Reminds, in a way, of 'Neeyo naano yaar nilavey'- Mannathi Mannan-PBS,PS,Jamunarani.

one more song that comes to our mind is 'Yeno yeno'- from Mangaiyar Ullam Mangaatha Selvam. Here too, the hero has apparently forsaken his wife, and has entered into a relationship with another woman. PBS and SJ sing for the hero and the other woman, and PS sings for the wife. The song shows imaginative composition of the highest order- the musical genius of Aadhi Narayana Rao is in full play here- SJ portrays sweetly, the exuberance of a young woman in love, while PS, brings out with characteristic grace, the agony of a woman whose husband has forsaken her. She sings it to her baby, and her portion has the air of a sad lullaby, with lovely, meaningful lyrics.