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STAR TALK - P. Susheela



South India's Vanambadi P.Susheela who had sung many songs that ends in homely feelings and made Malayalees sleep by singing.The malayalam songs sang by her will be in the heart of malyalees who are there in any part of world even today...P.Susheela speaks.

Que:Many songs sang by Susheela are there on the tongue of Malayalees even today?

Ans:It may be.Because at the time when I was singing there was more beauty and meaning for the songs.

Que:Is it true that you used to cry when you were singing the sad songs?

Ans:yes.I used to cry when I was singing the sad songs.Because I used to fully understand the meaning of every word when I was singing.So my throat used to shake in between the song without my own knowledge.This is only a common matter.

Que:What about the new trend in songs?

Ans:The jumping songs are attracted by the new youth.I wont say whether this is good or bad.New method is to make the music into pieces.

Que:Will it return to the earlier one?

Ans:I don't know.

Que:About classical music?

Ans:Whatever happens the classical music will exist .It is not correct to mix western music with the classical music.

Que:Do you like to make classical music kacheries?

Ans:I think I don't have the courage to do it.

Que:If you get chance in Malayalam, will you sing?

Ans:I had sang at necessity.Not any more.

The koel of songs stopped the conversation.

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