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Date : November 13, 2003
Place: Emaraldo Hall,GRT Grand Hotel, Chennai


The Hall wore a festive look with the Melody Queen’s mellifluous songs on its sound system and eager to have the South Indian Film Music Legends within its fold.

Orangisers, invitees, media personnel trickled in. Mellisai Mannargal Shri. T.K.Ramamoorthy & Shri. M.S.Viswanathan followed by Shri P.B.Srinivas and Shri. Nalli Kuppuswamy Chetty arrived sharp at 11AM.

Smt P Susheela and her family stepped in at 11.05 AM to a warm welcome at the Lounge and escorted by the group to the Venue. Smt P Susheela personified, grace, eloquence, throughout the reception.

On seeing Shri. M.S.Viswanathan at the hall entrance, Smt P Susheela paid respects to her director by touching his feet. This gesture not only shows the greatness of the lady but an example one has to follow.

It was a great moment to see the Veterans together exchanging pleasantries.

Ceding to M.S.Viswanathan’s excuse request, the program commenced with felicitations by M.S.Viswanathan. M.S.Viswanathan was honored with a shawl and memento.

Ms Sandhya rendered the invocation song followed by the dignitaries moving to the main table.

Adhepalli Rajagopal in his welcome address gave a brief about the formation of this group on the net, their hard work which has culminated in this site.

Smt P Susheela and Sandhya, lighted the traditional lamp.

Birthday Celebrations - Smt. P.Susheela cut the cake and the site was offered as gift to the Birthday lady.

Shri T.K.Ramamoorthy inaugurated the web-site to a thunderous applause. Kalaikumar and Rajeskumar surfed the site with explanations, ably supported by Rajagopal and Subramanian.

Shri T.K.Ramamoorthy in his address bestowed his blessings and showered praises citing the great qualities of Susheela like Humility, Serenity which have contributed to her stupendous success. One would not know her presence but for her voice while at work. He described her as “MARKANDEYINI”(ever young).

It was P.B.Srinivas who delighed the gathering with his speech filled with joyful accolades, which rose to heights with Smt. P.Susheela joining. This combo proved their versatility was not restricted to the golden melodies.

Highlights of P.B.Srinivas’s speech:

‘P’ in P.Susheela means Perfection
Smt. P.Susheela, herself a “Susruthi” = “suthamana sruthi” requires no Thambura
On-the-spot song in praise of Smt. P.Susheela set to “Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham

Kaaviya paadagi Susheeeeela,
nithya vasantham susheela,
nenjin punnagai susheela,
kavagalil sandham susheela,
uvamai illa mangai susheela…

P.B.Srinivas recalled their duets and wondered how they sang together the song “naalaam naalaam thirunaalaam”, under the music direction of M.S.Viswanathan-T.K.Ramamoorthy, and emphasised the need for synchronization in those days of direct recording with one mike.

Smt. P.Susheela brought emotions in her voice, which was a challenge to the actresses, citing the song “sonnadhu nee dhaanaa”.

S.Janaki feels like kissing Smt. P.Susheela, whenever she hears Smt. P.Susheela songs

Smt. P.Susheela joined his address, with her congratulations on P.B.Srinivas getting the post “Thalaivar of Tamizh Iyal Isai Nadaga Mandram”. She praised TN CM Jayalalitha that she always encourages and honors the legendary artists.

Smt. P.Susheela does not need any post, but she deserves nothing less than Bharata Ratna.
Smt. P.Susheela interrupted saying some fans in AP said there can be no name before and after P Susheela, which is enough and that she considers her fans’ appreciation as great awards/rewards.

P.B.Srinivas and Smt. P.Susheela recalled Vennira Aadai song “Enna enna vaarthaigalo”. Smt. P.Susheela sang the start line effortlessly. On repeated requests from audience, P.B.Srinivas sang a few lines of "Roja malare raja kumaari". Smt. P.Susheela stopped with start humming.

It was wonderful to hear Smt. P.Susheela singing "nilave ennidam nerungadhe", a classic number of P.B.Srinivas.

Smt. P.Susheela recalled that P.B.Srinivas wanted to teach her ‘urdu’ somehow, but she was not responsive at all. She called herself as “somberi”(lazy) which evoked laughter among the audience. In between, P.B.Srinivas rendered a few lines of a Hindi number sung by Smt. P.Susheela, set to his tune, from the EP record “Meera Bhajans” released in her Silver Jubilee function.

Smt. P.Susheela jocular comment was that the session resembled Visu’s Arattai Arangam.

A treat to one and all.

Sri Kaaviri Maindan of Kaviarasu Kannadasan Thamizh Sangam offered his felicitaions and read the note captioned “sugamaana kural endraal susheela-vin kural”.

Mementos were presented to the dignitaries.

Subramanian proposed the Vote of thanks and adjourned the meet to lunch.

As part of Vote of thanks he described the wonderful innovative work of Mrs. Lalitha Rajagopal. It was a white metal sheet on which a Tree was sculptured with branches , sub-branches and 52 leaves, each depicting a raga. A symbolic tribute to our “Raaga Devadhai”. This number 52 was to denote the completion of 52 years by Smt. P.Susheela in the music world.

Not to miss the autograph session. Fans thronged Smt. P.Susheela for her autograph. Kalai requested a special autograph for her devoted fan SreeVidya, an active member of the group.

Press continued their job:

  • NDTV interviewed P.B.Srinivas, T.K.Ramamoorthy, Adhepalli Rajagopal and Smt. P.Susheela. Clippings were relayed in Vijay TV News the same day.
  • As part of Smt. P.Susheela interview, she said she was not for birthday celebrations but yielded to honor the wishes of her fans. She expressed her gratitude and acknowledgements to M.S.Viswanathan, T.K.Ramamoorthy, P.B.Srinivas and all her fans; also to Cheif Minister of Tamilnadu Ms. J. Jayalalitha for her recognizing veteran artists like T.M.Soundararajan and P.B.Srinivas.
  • When questioned as to “how she feels about this website”, Smt. P.Susheela replied that "creation of website is not a light task. It is easy for me to say that the site is good etc.; but I know honestly the effort spent by my fans. It is very difficult to come to this stage”, thus appreciating the enthusiasm and hard work of her fans.
  • She sincerely thanked Adhepalli and narrated how the web-site thought was conceived when she met with him at the airport a couple of years back.
  • She very promptly mentioned the names of Thenraja and Andal Balu for their kind support behind the website creation.
  • Of course, she was very pleased to mention the names of her fans like Kalai, Rajesh, Subbu etc.
  • Concluded her interview with Thanks to Vijay TV (NDTV News) and the viewers.

Fans had party with Susheela who was cool and jovial all through the lunch session. Interesting events, titbits were exchanged with Smt. P.Susheela. It was a great moment for everyone.

Smt. P.Susheela was given warm send-off with Rajesh and Kalai escorting her to her house.

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