Write-up by Vidya


Songs: Paadamani nannu adagavalena (Lyricist: Athreya)
Movie: Dr. Chakravarthi
M.D: S. Rajeswara Rao

Actors: Paadamani adugavalena: Geetanjali, A.N.R,sowcar janaki

Category/Mood of the song: classic/pathos/melody/Relationship-sister/brother/instrument - veena

An excellent , evergreen melody which will always be remembered by classes alike for its great lyrics and superb rendering. In short: simply a classic according to any standards.
Brief narration of the movie and song: Dr. Chakravarthi belongs to the class of evergreen movies which can be watched by young and old generations alike. A movie with excellent story, screenplay, music, brilliant performances, it is a classic in all fields.
As the title suggests, it is the story or time line of a doctor whose name is Chakravarthi(played by ANR), his struggles, his happiness, his relationships, his failures, etc. He and his sister Radha( played by Geetanjali) are orphans and it is his sister who takes care of him and is a part of his success. She suffers from an incurable illness and is on a death row. Sowcar Janaki plays the role of haughty,arrogant sister in law of geetanjali who is in love with ANR. However our hero is in head over heels with another doc (played by Krishna kumari).
Before the doctor could reveal about his affair to his sister, she is on her death bed and as a final wish asks him to marry her sister in law sowcar. So both the docs sacrifice their love and chakravarthi gets married to sowcar. However Sowcar and ANR are not on good terms with each other because of their difference in nature and opinions.
There is also a parallel plot in the story played by Savithri and Jaggiah. They are a couple happily married. Savithri (also called Radha in the film) is a writer, singer, basically an introvert and prefers to be alone or rather a family oriented person not belonging to a crowd. However her husband wants her to be more socially active. Jaggiah and ANR are childhood friends. They meet after a long time and then the story begins to build. ANR develops a strong bond towards savithri (considers her as his sister, because of her name and also she also plays veena, sings well etc (close resemblance to geetanjali)) and tries to be more close to her . Initially she misunderstands him but later comes to know of his true feelings. However this relationship is misunderstood by all other members of both sides especially the spouses (Jaggiah and sowcar). How this is resolved and the couples unite together is the story. A simple plot, but keeps the viewers sustained because of excellent screenplay and songs. A movie which will be memorable for its numbers.
This song is picturised on Geetanjali in the film when ANR visits her. Her husband and sister in law are all seated listening to her. Geetanjali’s excellent portrayal makes the song look terrific on the screen.
Other notable songs by PS:
1)Neevuleka veena –PS
2) Ee mounam ee bidiyam – PS+ Ghantasala
3)Ungarala – P.Susheela, Madhavapeddi,
4)Paadamani nan adugathaguna – P.Susheela
5) Nijam cheppave pilla – P.Susheela. Vasantha

P.S rendition: Though a short role, Geetanjali’s character is so dignified and powerful in the movie and that’s because of this song. This song is difficult for any singer because it is a 50 -50 combination of emotions. It can’ t be termed completely pathos or categorized as melody. The character is in a mixed state of feelings .She is happy to see her family around her and sad that she has to wither away soon.
P.S tries to balance both melody and pathos in her voice, and her clean diction makes this song so wonderful adding that touch of dignity to the number . Her crystal clear voice makes this song truly touch the heart of listeners any time , any generation. Truly reflects the genius of the singer. I cannot imagine any other singer rendering like PS.
About the song for non telugu speaking audiences: Through his song a sister conveys her feelings to her brother , about their bond , how they have been for each other and that even though she will not last long she will always be there in her brother’s heart.

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Paadamani nann-adagavalena
Paravasinchi paadana

Pallavi : Do u have to request me to render a song? I will do it ever so gladly………..

Neevu penchina hridayame
Edhi neevu nerpina gaaname
Neeku gaaka yevari koraku
Neevu vinte chaalu naaku

Charanam 1: It is YOU who have nurtured me and my soul
It is YOU who have taught me how to sing
Who else is more precious than YOU??
I will be satisfied even if you were the only one listening to me

Charanam 2 :

chinna naati aasale
Eenadu poochenu puvvulai
Aa poovulanni maatalai
Vinipin chuneeku paatalai

Charanam 2: All our childhood dreams and aspirations have transformed into flowers, which in turn have transfigured into words and are translating itself in your ears as wonderful songs.
Charanam 3:

Ee veena mrogaka aagina
Nen paada jaalaka poyina
Nee manasulo eenadu nindina
Raagamatule undani anuraagamatule undani

Charanam 3 : Even though my veena stops (compared to her life breath), even though I may not sing again, I will always be enshrined in your heart and let this eternal love and relationship last forever………….

Paadamani nannu aduga thaguna(Lyricist : Dasarathi )
Actors : Savithri, ANR, Jaggiah, sowcar janaki
Category/Mood of the song: classic/ /melody/ instrumental :veena

A beautiful melody with great lyrics and excellent rendering.
Song situation Savithri (also called Radha in the film) is a writer, singer, basically an introvert and prefers to be alone or rather a family oriented person not belonging to a crowd. However her husband (Jaggiah)wants her to be more socially active. Jaggiah and ANR are childhood friends. They meet after a long time. And Jaggiah invites ANR, sowcar to their home. Savithri is not comfortable to act as a hostess. When ANR requests her to sing a song, she politely declines. However Jaggiah forces her to render one. She is sort of unhappy that her husband does not respect her wishes and so the question “Paadamani nan adaga thaguna? (why are u asking me to sing in front of others when I am not comfortable?
P.S rendition: Simply superb. A clear melody.
About the song for non telugu speaking audiences: this song is about a wife chiding her husband for not considering her wishes to be left alone and why he is prodding her to sing in front of new faces??(comparing herself to the plight of Radha in front of several gopikas(visitors) .

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Pallavi: Paadamani nan adaga thaguna Padhuguredhuta Paadana
Krishna Padhuguredhuta paadana

Translation : O krishna how could u ask me to sing in front of new faces (or crowds).I will any way sing in front of others…………… I will anyway sing……
Charanam 1:

Podhala maatuna ponchi ponchi
yedhanu dhochina venu gaanamu
Olaka posina raga sudhaku
Molakalathina lalitha geethi

Charanam 1: I am mesmerized by the rendering of ur flute which I heard by hiding behind the bushes and that divine sound has transformed itself into beautiful stanza or lyrics (which I am rendering).
Charanam 2:

Chilipi allari thelisinanthaga
valapu theliyani gopa kanthalu
Mecchalere vecchani hridayala
pongina madhura geethi

Charanam2: All the Gopikas are captivated by your pranks and this is the outpour of their celestial love……
Charanam 3 :

Yevaru leni Yamuna thatini
yekkado yekantha mandhuna
Nenu neevai neevu nenai
paravasinche pranaya geethi

Charanam 3: In the banks of Yamuna, in perfect solitude and wilderness, we have lived together with perfect joy and this si the outpour of that joy……

COMPARING BOTH NO”S of P.Susheela : The director has picturised both characters of Radha (played by geetanjali, Savithri) so beautifully in the movie. Both of them are talented, well versed in veena and music, calm dignified, caring and homely. After his sister’s death, ANR longs for that affection and he spots all those in his friends wife(savithri). Interestingly , savithri is also introduced by a veena song. However the difference is the sister singing it willingly while the other does it reluctantly and PS rendering for both the situations.
For the sister character she mesmerizes the audience with a balance of melody, sadness, gambeeram while in this song she has to chide and be mild . She just flows along and her voice sways beautifully………. Not an inch of similarity between the no’s. We can clearly distinguish the difference. While atreya penned the song for sister character, Dasarathi wrote for the other. Long live the songs in the heart of music lovers………….