Write-up by Vidya


Song: Krishna sastri kavithala krishnaveni pongula

Movie: Bhagya Lakshmi

Lyricist: Dasari Narayana Rao

M.D: M.S. Viswanathan

Actors: Saritha, MuraliMohan


Category/Mood of the song: Patriotic/culture/Melody


Lyricist Dasari brings out the  greatness of Telugu speaking  people, their language , culture , prominent personalities ,their achievements  and contributions  in various fields  in  general  . Nightingale  P.Susheela , with her  rich voice and rendition has added  much more glory  to it thus making the song live in the hearts of music listeners for a long time.


Brief  narration of  the movieand song:   Bhagya Lakshmi is the remake of the tamil movie “Panchavarnakili ((K.R.vijaya, Muthuraman starrer (late50’s)” . All the songs were hits and were sung by P.Susheela.Some notable no’s ar e 1) kannan varuvan  2) Azhagan muruganidam 3)Tamizhukkum . Music director was M.S.Viswanathan.


  This movie was remade  in telugu  with minor changes to suit the taste of telugu audience after 2 decades with Saritha and Murali Mohan  in the lead.  As in the old version, M.S.Viswanathan and P.Susheela combination was used in the telugu movie  too to  add to the flavor.


The song “Krishna sastri” is the telugu equivalent of “Tamizhikkum”.


Saritha plays the role of a  popular radio artiste and Murali Mohan  plays the male lead who is head over heels with her voice not knowing her personally. How they unite together after a series of  mishaps,suspenses  etc is the theme of the movie.Gollapudi played  the villainous role.


This song is sung by Saritha in the radio station while all people including our hero are listening to it from their homes praising her voice.


Other notable songs: Murali Krishna rara (Kannan varuvan).


P.S rendition: P.S combines melody , bhakti and gambheeram  trying  to glorify the greatness of telugites. A truly adorable song for all classes.


About the song  for non telugu speaking audiences: This song explores the richness and details of telugu culture and diversity in the midst of other languages and cultures of the world.



Krishna sastri kavithala Krishna veni pongula

Paalala thenela desa bhashalandhu lessaga

Theepi theepi telugu edhi theta theta telugu


Explanation: Like the poetic renderings of Krishna sastri (prominent telugu poet) and the flow of River Krishna,like pure milk and nectar, can there  be any language which can be as rich and diverse as “TELUGU”  in the world


Telugu is  so sweet and pure……….


Charanam1 : 

Krishnadevarayala  keertivelugu telugu

                          Kakatiya rajula pourushagni telugu

                          Kuchipoodi narthana   Thyagaraja keerthana

                          Adugadugu anuanuvu accha telugu jilugu telugu

                          Samskruthike mundadugu


Charanam 1:  Telugu was glorified in the works of the Great King “Sri Krishna Dev raya”, Kakateeya rulers  language of Pride and valor was telugu, the dance kuchipoodi and the great keethanas by Saint thyagaraja are all telugu. In every step and in every inch  telugu is a true symbol of prosperity and it has the predominant lead in the society


Charanam 2 :

Potuluri veerabhrama sukthulani telugu

       Potti sreeramula thyaga nerathi telugu

       Kandukuri samskaram chilakamarthi prahasanam

       Neti tharam  mundhu tharam anusarinchu bata telugu

       Jathikidhe bahuta


 Charanam 2 :  All the sukthis rendered by the mystic saint “Sri  Potuluru veerabhramendera swamy” are in telugu, Potti sreeramulu’ s (he sacrificed his life for securing a Telugu state) sacrifice conveys the essence of patriotism and sacrifice of the telugu people. Kandukuri’s  (who was a great social reformer) reforms and chilakarmarthi’s (famous writer) prose are all Telugu


The present and future generations areall  following the steps of telugu and this is a very proud  achievement  for the country.