Write-up by Vidya


Song : Choosuko Padhilanga

Movie: Anuraga Devatha

Lyricist: Veturi

M.D: Chakravarthi

Actress: Sridevi

Category/Mood of the song: Classic/Philosophical/Melody

Lyric writer Veturi has penned some excellent words in this thought provoking number and P.Susheela does the magic again . A delight to watch Sridevi enact this melody on screen.

Brief narration of the movieand song situation : Anuraga Devatha is the remake of the Hindi movie “Asha ((Reena Roy, Jeetendra,Moushami”) or vice versa(I am not sure).

Sridevi played Reena roy’s role in the telugu version while NTR donned Jeetendra’s. Jayasudha played the other heroine.

This song is equivalent to “Seesha ho ya dil ho akir” in hindi version.

Sridevi plays the role of a popular stage performer (name Asha lata in the movie)and has a one sided affection for the hero (NTR) and gives up her notion when she comes to learn that our hero is in love with other person. Hero gets married and due to some circumstances the other heroine (Jayasudha) tries to kill herself by jumping into a river.

Hero(NTR) thinks she is dead and is devastated. Then Asha (Sridevi) spots him and heals him. Hero joins her in her stage performances and slowly they are drawn to each other and plan to get married.

In the mean time ,years have passed. Jayasudha is rescued by a person who has a ashram or a orphanage and she is blind now and has a son. Son tries to sell dolls in the streets to make a living. Somehow the child meets Asha and Hero and after a series of dramatic events, Sridevi sacrifices and the other two are united.

This song “choosuko Padhilanga” is sung by Sri in the beginning when our Hero watches her show and also in the end (the 2nd charanam).

Other notable songs of PS in the movie: Aadave gopika(PS+SPB)

P.S rendition: P.S tries to bring that extra sweetness in her voice to suit Sridevi. A very beautiful no.

About the song for non telugu speaking audiences: This song is philosophical and melodious at the same time.

Link : choosuko padhilanga

Choosuko Padhilanga Hridayanni adhamla

Pagiledhi kaayam yedhaina ragilenu neelo vedhana

Pallavi translation: Take (special(good )care of your heart (feelings,emotions) just as u would take care of a mirror as they are both delicate.

Whatever be the cause for the breakage, it’ll stir up great agony(trauma) in you.

Charanam 1:

vikisinche poolu-mullu vidhiraathaku Aanavallu

Okari kanta panneraina okari kanta kanneelu

Yendamaavi neeru thaagi gunde mantalarchukoku

Aasa penchukoku nestham

Adhi nirasa swagatha hastham

Charanam 1: The blooming flowers along with its thorns are a classic example of fate

While some people experience happiness, other experience tears

Do not try to quench your thirst by drinking water from a mirage

Do not cultivate desires in you,friend

As it may lead to despondency


Kaalamane nadhilo kadhile

karmamane naava medha

Evari thodu yennalunna chivari thodu nuvvele

Saagu thunna baa tasari aagi choodu okkasaari

Kalusukoni eru theeralu kanipinchani sudigundalu

Charanam 2: In the ever-flowing nature of time (compared to a river),karma (destiny) is like a ship trying to sail past it. How much ever relationships you are in, you finally realize that you are all alone and it is only YOU that remains.

O traveler traversing your path, just stop and look once

Two ends that do not meet , finally appear as unseen storm surges (compared to severe pain in one’s heart after failing in a relationship)