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Subbu on Album - 'Thirumal ThiruthalangaL'

May I post the details of the album 'Thirumal ThiruthalangaL", As I said, it was from the combination of R.Ramanujam+UP Shanmugam+P Susheela. With such a difficult wordings of Thamizh, PS excelled like anything...!

Side A:
1. “Kaaviriyum KoLLidamum koodum idam-thaniley vaanaLavum kovil konda aranganey”, in praise of Lord Ranganatha (Srirangam) and his consort Ranganayaki Thaayaar.

Highlights in this song:
- Excellent use of Nadaswaram to start with and for interludes.
- Lord Ranganatha was described as “kula-deivam” of Lord Rama
- The deity is being worshipped with ‘Araya sevai”, which is basically rendering "Diyaprabandham in beautiful ragas and taalas
- Vedantha desikar praising HIS lotus feet in a set of songs (which was referred as “paadhu kaadha hastham”)

2. “KaNNazhagaal indha ulagai kavarndhavaney” – for Lord KaLLazhagar (Thimaal-irun-cholai) with Sridevi and Sundaravalli

- Song starts with “Nalamena ninaimin” (very difficult pazhan-thamizh)
- Extensive violin usage brings more than half of the devotion
- The theertham is called “chilambaaru”

3. “Vaikunda naadhaswamy unnai vaayaara vazhthi vaNangudhu bhoomi” to honor Lord Vaikundanadhar(Sri Vaikuntam) and Vaikundavalli and Bhoodevi

- Tamizh’s loose-end in pronounciation like “Vaikuntam” pronounced as “Vaikundam”, influenced PS too. Can anyone confirm on the correct one please?
- Few lines to narrate in short the story of “nyayam uraiththa KaLLabiran” to correct the robber Kaaladhoshagan.
- Each song with high influence of an instrument; here it is VeeNa.

4. “Nalam tharum thothathri Nadhaney” in admiration of Lord Thothathri naadhar (Vaanamaamalai) and MalarmagaL sireevara mangai.

- Thailabhishekam – the thailam (oil) used for the abhishekam is a great medicine for many diseases
- Ending was damn beautiful; one would feel like rewinding !!

5. “KalyaaNa Jagannathaney” to please Lord Jagannathan(ThirupullaaNi) and Goddes Padmaasini and KalyaaNavalli

- One more slip i.e., “padmaasini” is pronounced as “padmaasani”, a common defect in our pronounciation
- Lord Jagannatha is in “Nindra” kolam
- There is separate sannidhi for “dharba sayanam Ramar”; it is believed that Lord Rama, was taking rest before crossing the ocean. The bed was made by his brother Lakshman (Adhi seshan) with “Dharbai” (Grass)
- King of ocean was taught a lesson when he dishonoured the request of Lord Rama not be ferocious

In addition, my own personal experience in visiting ThirupullaNi
- Paayasam will be distributed as the main Prasadam in the temple, remembering the distribution of the same to Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra by the king Dasaratha.
- There are 2 trees (not remember what they are) in the back side. The wonder is that a branch of tree-1 is into the branch of tree-2. I could not believe it with my own eyes, as how it could happen. Am sure it is not one over another or a mudichu !!

Here comes SIDE B of "Thirumaal thiruthalangaL".

1. “Aadhinadhavalli magizhum aadhinaadhaney”. No need to mention the names of the Lord and his consort. The place was not as part of the song. Can anyone provide the pointer please?

2. “Sowmya NaraayaNaney” in praise of Lord Sowmya NarayaNan(ThirukOttiyur) with ThirumaamagaL

Highlights in this song:
- Lord is in “Sayana” kolam
- The Vimanam is called as “Astaanga vimaanam”
- PS brought out all necessary emotions with her supreme talents when she sings the lines narrating the story of “Ramanujar climbing up to the temple-tower-top and preaching the world with the basic mantra OM NAMO NARAYANAYA”

3. “kOdha naachiyaar uLam kavarndhu, avaL karam paTri maNam purindha Ranga Mannayer”… obviously for Lord Ranga Mannar(Srivilli puthoor) and Kodhai (AandaL)

- This is based on Mohanam… In my opinion, PS loves Mohanam than KalyaNi and she did a great job in this song… Marvelous!!!
- The place brings the famous Thamaraikani, but the thought just like that vanishes as you start listening to it
- Hunter-kings Villi and Puthan have constructed this temple
- This is the place where Periyazhvaar had presented the “Prabandham” to the world
- Never to miss, a special charaNam to describe the beautiful story of “Soodi kodutha sudar kodi” AandaaL.

4. “Thirumuga mandalam oLi veesa” – to pray Lord Nambi(Kurumbudi) with Kurumbudi-valli Thayaar

- The song describes the Lord Nambi as Thirupaar-kadal nambi, VaiNava nimbi, Irundha nimbi (Sitting pose), nindra niabi (Standing pose), kidandha nambi (lying down pose) and Malai-mel nambi (on top of mountain).
- Can anyone help me in getting the exact name of the Lord of Kurumbudi?
- Song praises the Lord while sharing the story of HIS action as “seedan” (disciple) for Sri Ramanujar (Udayavar). Lord gives Udayavar a more supreme seat for him when Udayavar comes out with “Mandira ubadesam”. Can anybody provide more information on this?

5. “Anantha Padmanabhaney Padmanabhaney” – you know the place and the Lord. Yes.. it is Thiruvananthapuram from where Lord Ananthapadmanabha swamy and his consort Sri Harilakshmi protects the universe.

- PS did not take chance here. We, ThamizharaL, always pronounce “Padma” as “Badma”. But with her Telugu (Sanskrit) base, she perfectly pronounce it as “Padmanabhan” with a good punch of “h” in between “bhan”.
- The Lord has the bed base of “aNangan” engindra “uragam” (snake)
- There are 3 different windows (vaayilgaL) to worship the Lord’s Siram (head), Udal (body) and Thiruvadi (Feet). Each word (Siram, Udal, Thiruvadi) is given an importance and PS’s rendering was pakka!!!

I really enjoyed listening to this great work by R. Ramanujam, UP Shanmugam and P. Susheela. If you get the tape, just take it and you will love it.

Thanks if you have had a glance :-)


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