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A Report on the 2003 Concert at Pittsburg, PA

OK guys, here is a small report on how things went in the concert of PS on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to check the forum on Sunday.

The concert was supposed to start at 7.00 pm but it started late at 7.50 pm!! All of us were sitting there not knowing exactly what the heck was happening. Apparently there were some technical difficulties with the microphones and things could not be adjusted quickly. It was such a lame excuse because there were just 4 or 5 mics to adjust.

In any case, PS actually came in on time at 6.55 pm or so. But then the poor lady had to sit there for this stupid problem. Then at 7.50 she goes to the stage and does a namaskaram to the audience. She then touches the ground and then to her forehead (bowing to bhoodevi) and starts off with "Shuklaambaradharam vishnum" - ganesh sthuthi.

Her first song was a 60s song in the praise of Lord Venkateshwara symbolizing the venue of the concert - the Pittsburgh SVTemple auditorium. She then sang a lot of old melodies alone and accompanied by a few other singers. These guys were also present at the Atlanta concert. I could recognize some faces from the GATS website. Some of them include Thulasi divya, Michael, Dr.Haranath etc.

Out of the total 32 pieces sung, there were 24-25 PS songs and the rest by the others. This was because the audience (including me!) were shouting for only old songs and only in her voice.

Now about her voice: What a voice!! I don't have words to explain her still-honeyfilled-beautiful voice. I was so thrilled to listen to those old melodies all over again. Isn't she 70+. Boy, she was so enthusiastic in rendering her songs. Why don't people use her voice atleast for the aged characters in the movie?

More than anything else, she was so hilarious and jocular on the stage. At one point, the mic that she was holding stopped working, then she says "Oh, looks like this mic doesn't like my song, what to do, we have to do it all over again when the mic comes back again" and then for another song when the same thing happened again, she immediately caught hold of her co-singer's mic and finished the song. Then she says jokingly " Ayyo, is this how it is in america, do artists have to sing with only one mic?". We were having so much fun with her on the stage.

She has such a beautiful voice. May she sing for many more years. Before I went to the concert, I was really concerned for her health and wondering how she might sing for that long.

I even got a chance to talk to her at the end of the show. She was so sweet and asked me what I was doing. Also told her that I do a little bit of singing and am a great fan of hers. She immediately asked me why I didn't get on to the stage and sing with her. What could I say?

Anyway, it was a memorable memorable evening. Just wished, we didn't have the initial mic problem. If anyone needs the list of the songs she sang, I have it and I can post it.

Excuse me for any typos and missing words.


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