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'Oruthi Oruvanai' - A Discussion

Oruthi oruvanai (TFM page-dated : 22-sep-2003)
Song of the Day: oruththi oruvanai ninaiththu vittaal from saaratha.

- Sung by P.B.Srinivas and P.Suseela. MD is KVM. Everything comes good in this song, Kannadasan's lyrics, KVM's music, PBS and PS' singing. The pallavi amazes me. The poignant pause after "mounam!" for example, is probably a prime example of how music and lyrics go hand in hand to create the right emotion.

- Manisegaran writes on this song:

PB Seenivas and P.Suseela sing this song that comes in the form of Question and Answer. Critics used to say that KVM’s music could not be compared with any other MD as he has a unique style. Perhaps this song contains one of those uniqueness they point out.

PS- Oruthi oruvanai ninainthuvittal
Antha uravukku peyar enna?
PS-Antha oruvan oruthioyai manathukondaal
Antha urimaikku peyar enna
PS- Ninaithavan avalai maranthuvittaal antha
Nilamayin mudivenna?
PBS- Thuyaram
PS- Pirinthavar meendum sernthuvittaal-angui
Penmayijn nilai enna?
PBS- Mounam!

PS- Iravum pagalum en uruvam athil
Ingum angum unnuruvam
PBS- Adakkam enbathu pennuruvam-athai
Arinthaal marayum ennuruvam
PS-Marakka muyandren mudiyavillai
Unnai marakka muyandren nadakkavillai
PBS- Ninaikkum nilayilum naanillai-unai
Nerungum thaguthiyum enakkillai
PS- Ketten kettathu kidaikkavillai-enai
Keli seithaal manam porukkavillai
PBS- Vatham seivathu en kadamai-athil
Vazhiyai kaanbathu un thiramai
PS- Kanden kandathu nalla vazhi-athu
Kathalan udane sellum vazhi
PBS- Sonnen pala murai yasikkiraai- nee
Sonnathai naanum yosikkiren
1.a Raj
Saradha - Can any one forget this film

wonderful Performance by Vijayakumar & SSR

Oruthi Oruvanai Ninaithu vittal - An awesome song by PS & PBS

Though TMS's voice is apt for SSR , PBS has sung few songs which were good too

One such song is this
& PS @ her best singing as GR pointed our
Nilai ennna .....? when she ends that enna u can feel the sogam

but the same enna in the first line
oruthi oruvanai ninaithu vittal andha uravukku peyar enna ? indha ennavil oru aarvam(anxiety ) irukkum like what SSR will reply apdinnu

A great thought by KVM to set this tune & Perfect Lyrics by Kaviyarasar Makes this song a noteable one

1.b Cinema Virumbi (@ on: Mon Sep 22 03:40:08 EDT 2003

This song from 'Saaradhaa' is famous for the camera work of Karnan, who managed trick shots with the very primitive equipment of the early 60's! (Another example is 'mannavanE azhalaamaa?' from 'KaRpagam').

The following details are from Komal Swaminathan's autobiography 'PaRanthu pOna pakkangaL'. :

KSG made this in Hindi as 'Suhaagan' with Gurudutt as hero. Gurudutt was very obedient to KSG, without poking his nose in direction! At the shooting spot (somewhere in Malliyam in Thanjavur distt.), he used to spend time catching fish with a hook, line and sinker much to the amusement of the locals. After hours of patient wait, he used to succeed in getting one! Komal says, "After all, he is known for his patience in producing artistic films of good quality!"

Around this time, he even toyed with the idea of making 'Silappathikaaram' in Hindi as 'Maadhavi' with special emphasis on Maadhavi. This project never materialised as he had a tragic end very soon (I think even before 'Suhaagan' was released!). The villagers were in tears when they learnt about his end!


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