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'idhaya mazhaiyil nananidha kiligal' - A Discussion

Idhaya mazhayil ( TFM page: sep-25-2003)
Song of the Day: idhaya mazhaiyil nananidha kiligal from aaLukkoru aasai.

- A rare song, from one of Ilayaraja's earliest movies. Sung by KJY and P.Suseela.

- Saravanan writes:

There is a film by name ‘Aalukkoru Aasai’ currently being screened all over Tamil Nadu (for those who are interested, in Chennai: Anna (A/C dts), Crown, Mahalakshmi- Regular shows, and Amaindakkarai Lakshmi: Noon shows only). Stg. Satyaraj & Meena, this is yet another Kudumbappadam from V.Sekar of ‘Thiruvalluvar Kalaikkoodam’ fame.

However our Aalukkoru Aasai is more than 25 years old- Cine Enterprises’ Aalukkoru Aasai-1977 starred Muthuraman, Jayachitra, Thengai Srinivasan, Manorama, Vijayanand, Kavitha, Aparna and others. Screenplay & Dialogues by Panju Arunachalam. Produced by Ramamoorthy & Ramamoorthy (!) and directed by SP Muthuraman.

Over the years I managed to collect 3 songs from the film, but the SJ song ‘Vaazhvenum sorgathai’ continues to remain elusive : (

* * *
‘ It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife’ thus begins one of my favorite English classics. But it is a truth universally unacknowledged that a single man not in possession of any fortune too would be in want of a wife!

Ravi (Muthuraman) is a thrifty youth (!) from a lower middle class family, having a useless brother (Vijayanand) and a mother to provide for. Making both ends meet with his modest income is a monthly feat of tightrope walking and hence he puts off all thoughts of marriage. However, from his colleague, he gets the idea of marrying a working woman, and thus his search for an ideal employed girl commences.

Enter Sumathi (Jayachitra)—they meet in the bus where one comes to the other’s rescue due to a purse left at home and an irate conductor—When Ravi comes to know that this witty girl is a working girl as well, there blossoms love, reciprocated shyly by Sumathi. Sumathi is secretly relieved, for she has been suffering from harassment at the hands of her lecherous boss. And once her wedding date gets fixed, gives the dirty old man a well deserved dressing down, and walks out grandly. Paavam, she is completely unaware that it is not her womanly charms, but her wages that Ravi has fallen for-- When on the first night, Ravi comes to know that she no longer has a job, he is shattered. He takes a vow of celibacy until she finds another job!

Bheeshma Pratignya maadhiri onnu eduthaachu, aanaa, he is finding it increasingly difficult to suppress his physical cravings; she is also in the same position. Though they are sleeping separately on either sides of the wall, they are longing for each other's company.
Indha kattathukkaagave, Panju and SPM bring in the buxom and blouseless Raakkaayi (played by Aparna), who lives in a hut adjacent to Ravi's house. Seetha Paatti (of Moondraam Pirai fame) comes as a pookaari and giving flowers to Raakkaayi, asks her if her husband, who went out of station on work, had still not returned. Raakkaayi sighs and replies that he was still away.

Sumathi has no option but to hunt for another job. Enter Thengai Srinivasan, who had an eye on her even before her marriage. He is determined to have her at any cost, and taking advantage of her present need for a job, offers her the post of his secretary. She accepts gratefully, not aware of his evil intentions.

And when she breaks the great news to Ravi, he jumps with joy, and they both eagerly look forward to a life of conjugal bliss—

Let us leave them to their slow motion dream, but we can listen to the duet they sing as they romance--KJY & PS--

Thengai continues to create trouble, and Ravi starts suspecting Sumathi’s fidelity. But a failed suicide attempt by Sumathi and a clean confession by a reformed Thengai later, all is well that ends well. Subam!

1.a from Raj
A Nice Song which I've heard in Ceylon Radio Long back

Spl Kudos to Saravanan For Reminding .

Asusual PS & KJY have sung superbly

the PS & KJY duets always mesmerize
samples MAampoove siru mainave, Kanni raasi en raasi, Vizhiye Kadhai ezhudhu, Kannan oru kai kuzhandai etc.

IR gave some classic tunes in his early films & SOTD is one of those.

btw who is the lyricist?

• 1.b From: isai_nanban (@ on: Thu Sep 25 13:35:03 EDT 2003

This "elegant" song i remember seeing only once on oliyum oliyum with Muthuraman and the lively Jayachitra on the swing. this song just was one of the most magical songs of my childhood days, also because it reminded me of Salil' malayalam songs that had great effect in my early teens, that april sunshine, that sentimental evenings at the school annual events, having a vaniall ice cream in a glass cup in a restaurant canopy, then those annual holidays from school - very sentimental song. only thing KJY did his best to not try his usual stunt and failed stupidly in the charanam. (This became a PS song for me, though KJY carried the pallavi as if made for him) But, i vividly still recall those days gentleman actors Muthuraman by this song, Jaisanker by that super Veda song, Sivakumar by the Oru Naal Unnodu Oru Naal. Those were the days of talent and pure unadulterated joy and Idhaya Mazhayil was one of the highlights!

Since that Oliyum oliyum I heard it once a while on the radio (when i did not listen to music much). as i was reaching my "old age" i searched recording shops but failed miserably. I found a recording on a Yesudas CD just a few years ago by accident. Aalukkoru Aasai, what can I say!


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