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Chittukkuruvi mutham koduthu - A discussion

Chittukkuruvi mutham koduthu (TFM page: sep-16)

Song of the Day: chittukkuruvi muththam koduththu from pudhiya paravai.

- PS sings for Saroja Devi in Pudhiya Paravai. Music by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy. In this seemingly simple song, PS has excelled. I think the song takes off when she goes aa haa haaaa in the interlude.

- Kannadasan portrays the feelings of a girl who has fallen in love. She looks around and finds several cases which adds to her romantic outlook.

chittuk kuruvi muththam kuduththu
sErndhidak kaNdEnE!
sevvaanam kadalinilE
moozhgidak kaNdEnE!
mottu virindha malarinilE
vaNdu moozhgidak kaNdEnE!
moongililE kaatru vandhu
mOdhidak kaNdEnE!

I wonder why he used vallinams in the starting syllables of the first three lines, switching to mellinams after them.

I find the second stanza also deceptively simple, but very well written.

oru pozhudhu malaraagaa kodiyil irundhEnaa
oru thadavai thEn koduthu madiyil vizhundhEnaa
iravinilE nilavinilE ennai marandhEnaa
iLamai tharum sugathinilE kannam sivandhEnaa!

- Complete lyrics in our PPP page:

• From: Raj (@ on: Tue Sep 16 02:21:03 EDT 2003

bb: Nice song! First stanza also has four lines as the second and the emphasis is on the last word 'kaNdEnE. In the second the emphasis is on the ending syllables '...ndhEnA'. I don't think there was anything special about first words except starting with same letters and variations- Chi,Che,mo,moo, o,o,i,i.
This reminded me of my days in Coimbatore.

• 1.a From: raja m (@ on: Tue Sep 16 11:48:31 EDT 2003


Excellent SOTD , an extended version of the song. PS and MSV-TKR's music outstanding. Was listening to aha mella nada mella nada a few days back - the string arrangements of the duo for most of the tracks from the movie are just great. Wonder if this got them any awards..

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