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Concert at TCA, Houston

Date : July 25, 2005
Time: 2 PM

Venue: Radhakrishna Memorial Hall at Houston, Texas

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A Report By Sree Vidya


People started arriving for the concert hosted by the Telugu Cultural Association and slowly the hall was completely occupied.

Looking absolutely gorgeous our Diva PS appeared in a cream colored red bordered saree around 2:30 PM and then posed for a few pictures (posted at yahoo photos: PS concert at Houston). Film star Laya was the chief guest for the occasion. PS was accompanied by singers Jamuna Rani, Surekha Murthy, Vijayalakshmi and also local male singers, Viswanathan and Sashidar.

The audio system was excellent and the orchestra was well chosen – a job well done by the Telugu Cultural Association members.

The program commenced with the devotional “Madhuramu Siva mantram” from the movie “Sri Kalahasthi Mahatyam”.The next couple of songs were rendered by Ms Surekha Murthy and the male co-singer. The song “aha naa pellanta “ from "Maya Bazaar" (a PS-Ghantasala duet) was rendered by them.

Now it was our Nightingale’s turn to come to the dais. She bowed reverently towards the audience and commenced her singing. She started off with the devotional ”Paalakadalipai” from the movie”ChenchuLakshmi”, which she rendered so beautifully that the entire audience were engrossed under her magic spell.There was complete silence in the crowded hall.

She then joked stating“I am becoming old” and the mike is asking me”Is it true?”.
She mildly chided the Association by saying that someone had spread a rumour that PS had an heart attack and so she had left to India( the Association President denied it ). She said she was in her perfect health and everything was fine with her. There was a thunderous applause from the audience as a response.

The next song from her was the great hit "Jorumeedunavvu thummedha” from the Movie”SivaRanjani”. She told the orchestra guys “This has become a fast world and so was your music for this song”. She asked them to stop and she rendered a few lines of the song and said the tempo should be very slow for this song. The orchestra people nodded in appreciation.

Then came a lovely duet ”Thelisindile thelisindhile” from Movie “Ramudu Bheemudu” which was rendered easily with a high octave humming. The next two songs ”Maama Maama” from the Movie “Manchi Manasulu” and “Sarada sarada cigarettu” from the Movie ”Velugu Needalu” were sung by Singer Jamuna Rani. It was followed by a rare number “Kannulalone khaidhu chesitini”(Movie?) by PS. A Great song for classic songs collectors.

Then it was time for another excellent duet “Ohalu gussagussalade” from the Movie ”Bandipotu”.PS started off on a lower note but later picked the tempo making the duet memorable. She also rendered the classic song “Yemani Paadethano” from "Bharya bharthalu".

It was time for a treat for the audience. PS along Ms Surekha rendered “Sri Ramuni charithamunu” from Lava Kusa”. The audience were again spellbound. After completion of this song, Surekha( An ardent S.Janaki fan) prostrated before PS and took blessings from her. PS then mentioned of a person named Sarat Chandra who published a few hundred solos(lyrics) of PS songs in telugu.The books can be purchased from Telugu cultural Association. She finally concluded her singing with the greatest hit of all times “Himagiri sogasulu” from the movie “Pandava vanavasam

She was at her very best in all her songs, voice so sweet and melodious and appeared as if it was lifted off directly from the Movie’s original sound track.She touched higher octaves with ease and perfection. A great and soul stirring performance from the great singer.

Then came the awards and felicitation ceremony. PS handed over gift certificates to some children in Houston who excelled in their overall performances. Telugu cultural Association President felicitated PS,Jamunarani with a shawl and gift packets were presented to them. Actress Laya was also felicitated on this occasion. It was time to leave but my soul craved for more songs from our melody queen. I took her blessings along with her autograph before I departed.

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