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O.P. Nayyar Award

Date : January 2008
Venue: Hyderabad

A Report By Nagesh Kumar


A brief regarding this function also came in TEJA TV on January 29, 2008. - the function is to give OP Nayyar Award to P. Susheela. S. Janaki, Chitra, C Narayan Reddy, Rosiah (Finance Minister AP), C Narayan Reddy were among those who were present.

S. Janaki said "It is good to see P. Susheela getting Padma Bhushan at least now. However Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna would have more appropriate." She also went on to add - does government know what, howmany songs P. Susheela has sung? it doesn't know. that's why the goverment has not given awards to P. Susheela. She (S. Janaki) is atleast happy now that Padma Bhushan was given to P. Susheela.

Chitra said - The Padma Bhushan award should have come to P. Susheela at least 20 years ago.

In her brief speech P. Susheela spoke about her association with OP Nayyar. She mentioned that Mohd. Rafi and herself sang under the OP Nayar's MD. She went on to add - she(P. Susheela) doesn't know Hindi and Mohd. Rafi/OP Nayyar don't know Telugu. She pointed to C Narayana Reddy and said he only helped bridge this langauge barrier and thanked him. She also thanked T Subbirami Reddy. She finally said - myself and Janaki are like two eyes to South Film Industry Music.

Devisriprasad also spoke and said P. Susheela is a down-to-earth and simple person and he learnt a lot just by talking to her. Her simplicity/hunbleness is a big lesson (on how one should behave evenafter reaching greater heights) to younger generation of MDs, singers. He narrated the incident on when he met P. Susheela for the first time and how she spoke to him very nicely etc.

C Narayan Redddy, T Subbirama Reddy, Rosaiah also spoke.They all praised P. Susheela, S. Janaki and Chitra and appreciated P. Susheela for geeting Padma Bhushan award. All the speakers prayed for healthy long life for P. Susheela and wished that she continue to enthrall with her melodious voice.

There is another function organized by SANGAM (?) to congratulate P. Susheela on getting Padma Bhushan award. K Viswanath praised P. Susheela and said what he has achieved is nothing infront of what P. Susheela's achievements. He also added that P. Susheela reached such great heights due to her simplicity and humbleness.

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