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Gaana Sarawati Award Presentation

Date : April 10, 2004
Venue: Raveendra Kalakshetra, Bangalore

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A Report By Kalai


Mrs. P. Susheela entered the auditorium at 6:15 PM and the function started at 6.45 PM.

After the prayer song, upcoming actress Aparna who was the host, welcomed everyone on behalf of “Sangeeth Melody Orchestra”. Mr. Srinivaasa Murthy, the organizer, Actress Jayanthi and Mrs. Ananth Kumar were the chief guests.

Mrs. P. Susheela was given a warm welcome by the crowd. The auditorium was full even without much publicity about this event.

Mr.Srinivasa Murthy briefed the audience with the musical journey of Mrs. P.Susheela.

He mentioned that her first song was from the movie “Kannathalli” in 1952 and the first kannada song was from “maadhedunno maharaya…” in 1954. She has sung around 40,000 songs in all languages.

Actress Jayanathi greeted her with a shawl and garland. She presented the award “Gaana saraswathi”, with a “saraswathi statue with Veena” and it was made up of sandalwood. The whole function was covered by the media.

In her speech, Jayanthi expressed her happiness that most of her songs on screen were sung by Mrs. P.Susheela in all languages. She also told, “Mrs. P. Susheela is a legend and she is a big asset to us, saraswathi is there in her voice”. She specially mentioned about the “viraha nooru nooru tharaha” song which gave her a big name. She mentioned that Mrs. P. Susheela's voice suits to all heroines like Kalpana, Sarojadevi, Kalpana, Aarthi and others. When reporters asked Mrs. P. Susheela why she was away from Kannada films for a long time, Mrs. P. Susheela replied, “I never had any reservations. Producers didn’t call”. Jayanthi recalled this answer and told, “This is true. It is our responsibility to keep the legends like Mrs. P. Susheela with us”

Then Mrs. Ananth kumar gave a speech praising Mrs. P. Susheela. She told the this function brought people of two different political party (She & Jayanthi belong to two different political parties)

Mrs. P. Susheela didn’t speak anything and started singing..

First song was my favorite

1. Hoovu cheluvella thandenthithu from Hannele Chiguridaaga (1968) music by Ranga rao .

Her melodious voice and the effortless singing brought the right effect to the song. The crowd appreciated her with lots of applauses. Song Link

2. BaaLa bangara neenu, haNeya singara neenu from BangArada Manushya

This song is a fast number and she rendered it with style. Especially, ”naanayya .. gombe naan..ayya..” and “thanatha thana nana..” with a joyous mood. The expressions were too good. Song Link.

There was a small confusion between Mrs. P. Susheela and the host in selecting the next song. Immediately there was demand from the crowd for a telugu song. Mrs. P. Susheela immedatley selected.

3. Jorumeedunnavu thummeda from Sivaranjani music by ramesh naidu

The host commented ,”The same song is there is kannada also which starts ”jaaneyagiru nanna mallige” which was also sung by Mrs. P. Susheela. Song link

Next with the kannada song

4. karpoorada bombe naanu from Naagara Haavu(1972) music by Vijayabhaskar

I was watching the response of the crowd. Behind me one person was commenting like , “eshtu chennagithe!!” (How beautiful it is ?). Song Link

Next a chance to a famous tamil hit

5. paartha njabagam illayo from Pudhiya Paravavi

There was no A/C or fan in the stage. She was keep sweating. Even then she didn’t compromise on quality. Same high pitch with the voice clarity.

6. mellisiri savi gaana from veera kesari

It was a duet with ghantasala. Mr. jaipal from the orchestra replaced GS part. Just next to “paartha njabagam illayo” , she started the with very soft humming.

People started asking “once more”. Along with Mrs. P. Susheela Mr. Jaipal also got the applaces and he got a title from the crowd “junior ghantasala”. I heared this song in telugu also ( oohalu gusa gusa ). Mrs. P. Susheela took a small break and Mr. Jaipal started entertaining the crowd with the unforgettable kannada hits of ghantasala. Notable hits are “baaLondhu nandhanaa”, hey shankara” from Ohileshwara . Very nice voice and also he could bring the right feeling. Song Link

7. Idhenu sabhyathe idhenu samskruthi from Mannina Maga

The bhavam in this song was good.

8. Olave jeevan sakshatkaara from Sakshatkaara

This is the best rendering of the whole program. She started with the melodious humming. In the end even after the applauses she extended it with a humming which was not there in the casette and also repeated the “vasantha kokile “ with a slow but very soothing voice. So nice. Song Link

9. elle iru hege iru endendu mandalli nee from Kasthoori Nivaasa

This is a sad song for jayanthi and the host commented as “, endendu manathalli nee thumbiru” ( always be there in our hearts ). Song Link

10. vatapatra sayiki from Swathi Muthyam

Recently “swathi muthyam” was remade in kannada as “swathi muthu”. The host mentioned that and told “You are going to listen to original laali laali”. After the function I told Mrs. P. Susheela, “even in recording you might not have sung this song so well”. She replied with a laugh, “yes, I have enjoyed the song very much. The troop also played the music very well”. Song Link

Then the climax .. the evergreen song

11. viraha nooru nooru tharaha

Just wonderful it was. A girl from the orchestra joined her for the chorus part along with the swaras. Mrs. P. Susheela immediately appreciated the girl and the girl also took the blessings from Mrs. P. Susheela. Song Link

Then Mrs. P. Susheela thanked everyone in kannada.

An Unforgettable evening ……

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