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"Happy Birthday to Smt.P.Susheela"


Smt.P.Susheela is celeberating her 80th Birthday on 13/11/2014


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Mrs. P. Susheela forms a trust

Mrs. P. Susheela forms a trust in her name to confer awards to eminent personalities in music industry and to help needy students/artists in music field.

In a press meet on Nov 2, 2008, Mrs. P. Susheela said that she has started this Trust because she wanted to give back something to the music world for having brought her to the position she is in now. Every year, the Trust will give awards to talented Indian male and female playback singers. Members of the Trust are MS Viswanathan, Vairamuthu, Balasaraswati Devi and Jamuna Rao.

The objectives of this trust are:

  • To advance Indian Culture and Literature, service of this country for the benefits of our nation.
  • To function as a non-commercial trust and as a secular organization.
  • To help financially and give pensions to old and needy artists of music field (Vocal or Instrumental)
  • To establish, maintain and run music colleges and academies of fine arts.
  • To confer P. Susheela award to one eminent personality in the field of music every year.
  • To sponsor music programs/music CDs and cassettes, etc. which promote and advance Indian culture (film, light, folk and classical)
  • To help the poor and needy students of merit in music by means of financial support for the academic studies in music (Vocal or Instrumental) and also presenting them the required music instruments.
  • To help the poor and needy artists of music who require medical help.
  • To bring biographies and documentaries of legendary artists of music which will be a factor of inspiration to the next and future generations.
  • To maintain a library of music (both books and CDs of all types of music and musicians)

If you would like to make contributions to Mrs. P. Susheela's trust, please make payment to the following trust account.

Account Name: P. Susheela Trust
Swift Code: SBININBB316
Account No. : 30437212268
SORT Code: 1880 (if required)

We sincerely thank eshubham for providing us the domain name free of cost.
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